Frequently asked questions

Is Baking Bad owned by vegans?

YES! Baking Bad was born out of the love of animals with a vision of providing the best tasting alternatives to help shift the vews of the public and help create a kinder future world.

Do you use sugar in your products, and if yes is it Fairtrade?

Yes, our products contain both white and brown sugar -depending on the product. The suppliers we use are certified fairtrade and support over 20,000 small scale cane farmers over 4 countries.

Are your products organic?

We use organic british wheat flour in all of our products except our gluten free options. As soon as a suitable organic option becomes available for us in the gluten free area we will look to replace it.

Where is the best place to find out about your trading events?

The best places would be on our Instagram page as well as our Facebook page. We love posting on our Instagram Stories! When there's a lot to do (at there always is!) it's the easiest place for us to use to spread the news. Follow us to be kept in the loop!

Do you use palm oil in your products?

Yes, some of our products do contain sustainably sourced palm oil. This has been an area we've given a lot of thought, but after doing a lot of research in the sustainability aspect this has been the conclusion: We believe that fundamentally rejecting the use of palm oil is counterproductive. With palm oil production having reached such a massive scale, rejecting it completely and then starting over with a different type of crop will have a massive negative environmental impact. Palm oil, in terms of oil output and agriculture area, is the most efficient reqiring the least amount of land (compared to soy, rapeseed and sunflower). In order to feed a growing population, which is looking like it will reach the 10 billion mark by 2050, it's important to look at the long term efficiency of crops before we start turning a whole system on its head and in turn causing more harm than good. We believe in working with what we already have and making it better. Instead of blaming the crop we want to support the betterment of its production. Our promice is that we will always do our best to look into our sourses to make the most eco friendly choice.

Where do you source your cocoa powder and chocolate?

We use 100% sustainable cocoa powder and Belgian processed dark chocolate in all our products. Our suppliers are partnered with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, who's aim is to help build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children as well as empowering women farmers.

Do you deliver outside of London?

We use a low emmissions courier company for most of our deliveries and we include London zones 1-3. If you would like anything delivered further out of London you are more than welcome to arrange your own courier to pick up your order from: New River Studios
199 Eade Road
London, N4 1DN

Just send us a message here so that we can make pickup arrangements.

Some of our less fragile items, such as brownies, cookies and fondant covered cupcakes can be sent out by post within the UK and EU. You can find these products here.

I'm not happy with my products, can I get a refund?

If for any reason your products don't match our website description or seem lacking in some way please let us know your concerns and we will look into how we can help solve the issue. You can get in touch here. All our cakes, cupcakes and tray bakes are handmade with colours mixed in house. This means that look and colour shades might differ slightly from the website photos, however we do our best to make every single one of them as beautiful as can be.

My products got damaged in transit what can you do?

The couriers we use have been very reliable and it is very rare that any damage problems arise. Unfortunately if this does happen the issue will have to be taken up with the courier company themselves or Royal Mail (depending on the service). Once products leave our premises their safety is out of our control. If you are worried about the safe arrival of your products we are happy to provide a pre-collection photo of your order to use as proof in case of any damage occurs during the delivery period. Please let us know if you would like this when you are placing your order. The only orders we deliver personally are wedding cakes and for these we will take damage responsibility by providing part or full refunds depending on the situation.

If I've already placed an order online or personally can I cancel and get a refund?

For any order cancellations we need to know at least 7 days in advance in order for us to issue a refund. We will not be able to issues refunds for orders placed with a notice period of 4 days or less. If you place a big order requiring a deposit and would like to cancel you need to let us know 30 days in advance. The reason for this is that as your order approaches we will already have planned extra ingredient orders and staff shifts in which we will have to honour.

Can I add extras to an existing order?

If you have placed your order online it will no longer be ammendable through the system. You can however send us a message here. If this is done 7 days prior to your order dispatch we will be able to ammend your order. For any shorther periods of time we will do our best, but this will depend on our scheduling and staff availability. For larger order additions of 10 items or more please let us know 30 days in advance. Alternatively please get in touch here and we will see how we can help.

Do you cater for corporate events and launches?

Yes! We love a good party. Please send us a message with details of what you requre and we can provide you with options and quotes accordingly. Some of the options include: Mini 'canapé' brownies Mini 'canapé' cupcakes Logo Brownies, cookies or cupcakes Logo Cakes Sweet treats mini selection bundles Logo tiramisu pots Get in touch here.

If I place an custom order by email how do I pay?

If your order is placed by email rather than through our website we will send out a digital invoice which can be paid with a bank card. This will have to be paid in full at least 7 days before your collection/delivery date. For larger orders of £100 or more you will be required to pay 20% on the day the order is placed and the rest will have to be cleared 30 days prior to your collection/delivery date.

Do you accept card payments at events and markets?

Yes, our card readers and online payment methods accept all of the following: Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay/CUP, AmEx, JCB, Discover/Diner's Club *Paypal does not support JCB

Who will I be collecting my cake from if I choose pickup?

Free collection orders will be waiting for you at New River Studios Cafe. Depending on our kitchen operation hours Baking Bad staff might be there to meet you. Alternatively you will be collecting your cake from the lovely staff of New River Studios who are always kind enough to help us. Please let us know 7 days in advance which pickup time works for you.

I can't find the answer I'm looking for what do I do?

For any further questions please send us a message here and we will be more than happy to help!

I want to suggest a flavour or product I think you should stock, who do I tell?

We love product and flavour suggestions! Please let us know here if there is anything you would like to see us stock and we will look into wether this is a good fit for us.

Do you offer sugar free options?

Unfortunately this is not something we cater for or an area we will be expanding in in the near future.

Do you offer gluten free options, if yes which ones?

Yes, we do however we operate out of a shared kitchen space which handles gluetn, therefore we cannot guarantee trace free. Our gluten free options include cakes, cupcakes tiramisu pots and brownies. (not the millennial shortbread or cookies)

I want my favourite restaurant or cafe to stock you! What do I do?

We are flattered :) The best thing to do would be to speak with the restaurant or cafe managers and let them know about our products and what you would love them to stock. Pleae feel free to pass on our email address below and we will send them our wholesale menu.

Can I get you stocked in my office? We need vegan sweets options!

Yes, please feel free to pass on our email to your office catering manager and we will provide them with all the details.

What allergens exist in your products?

Our products are exposed to or contain, wheat, gluten, nuts (mainly but not limited to peanuts and hazelnuts) soya. For specific product information please send us a message here.

I know an event which I think would be perfect for you! Who do I tell?

If you know of any vegan events you think would be a great fit for us please let us know here and we will look into it!

I work in a co-working space which could really use some treats! How do I get you there?

The best thing to do would be to speak to the catering manager of your co-working space or to the general manager. Please feel free to pass on our website details and email address and once they get in touch we will take care of the rest.