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My forever
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Baking Bad

Hi! My name is Korina and I’m the founder of Baking Bad. My crazy cake journey started way before the idea of a baking business was even an option, and was the start of a new life adventure.


It all began with the love of animals. I grew-up around animals and always cared for them deeply. Farming ran on one side of my family, so I became familiar with all the processes involved in raising animals, and developed a very down to earth picture of how it all operates. I have also been deeply involved in animal rescue, often finding myself with up to 10 strays in my house, as well as working with a local dog shelter!


In my teenage years I started questioning my outlook and how I had been brought up. Ideas such as 'we need meat to survive’ started to fade away. The more I researched, the more animal-products I dropped from my diet. What surprised me most during this process was that it never felt like I was giving anything up. 


My journey towards veganism was, and still is a very exciting process! My choices came out of love, not fear, out of eagerness to discover, not judgement, and out of the fun of creating new things. I became very excited about nutrition and cooking. Everywhere I looked there were new ingredients, new recipes and new possibilities. Every trip to the supermarket or market became fun. It seemed to be adding so much to my life and I felt better for it.

During this process I instinctively got drawn to baking, which I had always loved. Finding new recipes and new ways of surprising people with unexpected vegan treats became my new favourite hobby.

At the time I was on a completely different career path, but after many comments and nudges from friends and family I started selling a few cakes at a local cafe. I soon moved away from my former industry, and accidentally found myself working as an icer in a large kitchen where I was lucky enough to be trained professionally.

At this point I started being referred to as 'Cupcake Korina'. The whole cake project started weaving itself into my identity, until one morning (post-party, and most likely still a little drunk!) I announced: 'I should start this as a business!' My friend agreed, and when I asked 'But what shall I call it?' he suggested Baking Bad. And so it began...

Baking Bad is now a fun and colourful baking adventure, with ethics at its core. It is still a tiny dream come true, with the mission of spreading the fun and adding some sparkle to people's own vegan (or any!) food and life journeys. All the flour we use is 100% Organic and we do our very best to source as ethically as possible, from our packaging to our delivery service, everything is taken into account.

A Baking Bad Cafe (Or Diner, or 70s Disco!) doesn't exist yet, but with your support, who knows! Our baking kitchen is based in New River Studios Cafe, the same cafe I started out selling vegan cakes in. I have had the most incredible support from this establishment and I am forever grateful for the owners and all the staff's kindness. The cakes sell out very quickly there, so please get in touch if you are looking for something specific!


We are currently stocked by Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Shoreditch and will soon be appearing at Mooshies on Brick Lane. We also occasionally attend markets and events around London, one of our favourites being the incredible Vegan Nights which happens once a month on Brick Lane. For updates on our whereabouts please subscribe below and also follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

We made our debut at Vegfest in 2016 and have been part of all the major trade shows ever since, including Vegan Life Live and Plant Based Live.

Thank you all for your support, for being here and for playing a part in our story!

We love you all and can't wait to feed you vegan cake!