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A lot has changed with Baking Bad over the past year. With a new opportunity for growth, came a lot of questions about my (Korina Kyriakou's) mission, both in my personal life as well as my message through my vegan business.


I started seeing all the fragile connections between supply chains, all the packaging, all the processes that go on behind the scenes of many food businesses. I looked around the stock shelves with frustration as I was faced with plastic packs of vegan butter, cartons of soya milk, plastic-lined paper sacks of sugar and more. I am personally trying my best at being as eco-conscious as possible, through avoiding packaging and imported ingredients. And although all ingredients I had in stock were absolute, vegan baking, essentials, something still felt too messy. I had already cut items out of the menu purely for packaging and sustainability reasons. One of them being the much-loved tiramisu - a bestseller.

I started to question, what is essential, as well as what the cost and impact businesses such as mine are having on the earth. From mass monocultures for wheat and sugar production to the complex import systems of cacao. All of these thoughts were also intertwined with personal matters, which also pointed towards a total life reshuffle.

I am feeling so grateful to have been supported by so many incredible people through this crazy learning journey, to every single cupcake buyer: THANK YOU! At the same time, I need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This includes the importance of being closer to family, working with local ingredients, and getting more in tune with the earth's natural cycles.

I have now moved to Austria, close to the mountains (where half of me is originally from). My Reiki practice has also been a big shining light during this whole process and I am now integrating this more into my journey. I am looking forward to finding out where all this will take me and Baking Bad next. There might still be bakes coming your way in the future but, from a very different angle and mission and maybe even a different name!

I am still keeping active through Instagram and I would love to hear about your thoughts and journeys! Please stay in touch and keep up with news through following Me at @thecircleof.light and @bakingbad.vegan

Much love and blessings to you all.

Korina x